Pets and hobbies

Anatole France, the famous French poet, journalist, and novelist had once said that ‘until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remain unawakened.’ It’s true for a majority of people world over. Pets are important in life as according to research, they make us happy, give us company and also increase our life expectancy. But, falling in love with some of the coolest animals, and raising them in a home as pets are two entirely different things. Hence, whether it’s a dog, a cat, a donkey, a horse, etc., doesn’t matter as any domestic animal can be raised as a pet provided one is ready to take responsibility for raising the pet.

The Society for Personality and Social Psychology had published a research paper claiming that apart from jobs, spending sometime on hobbies and exercise leads to feelings of greater wellbeing.

Dogs and cats are the two coolest animals on planet earth which can be raised as pets worldwide as people enjoy their companionship and they too reciprocate the same. But there are responsibilities too. For example, a dog needs regular exercise and the duration varies from one breed to another depending on size in order to stay healthy. Hence a regular walk can be an enjoyment for both, the dog as well as the owner. In the case of a cat, it’s just the opposite as a cat maintains its health by exercising on its own.

Pets play a very important role in a family specially if there is a mentally challenged member suffering from Autism or any other permanent ailment which may restrict his/her outdoor movement and may have to be confined inside the house.

Hobbies like regular cycling trip or running can be great fun if one has a pet dog as it can run alongside the owner thus giving companionship which would otherwise have been boring every day. A balanced pedigree diet and a regular visit to a veterinary clinic is a part of responsibility the owner needs to keep in mind. A healthy dog brings joy to the entire family.

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