Internet-famous Cats You Should Know About

As the internet gained a larger number of users, more content was generated and uploaded on the web. Soon, a large portion of this content began to revolve around cats. For entirely understandable reasons, the internet has become obsessed with cats! Whether it is captioning pictures of small cats, following the Instagram accounts of these personalities or sharing pictures of their own pets, users do it all!

In the process, many little kittens and unique cats have gained widespread internet fame. Here are some that you have to see!

  • – Arguably the most well-known animal on the internet, this small cat is renowned for her classic frown, and has therefore become the face of several memes. The cat, named Tardar Sauce has gained millions of followers online, and has also made appearances on many talk shows.
  • Lil’ Bub – Dubbed a “perm-kitten”, due to genetic conditions, this cat will always maintain the appearance of a kitten. Most loved for the goofy expression on her face, this adorably small cat is an internet favourite!
  • Sam – Known for the markings on his fur that appear to be permanently raised eyebrows, Sam “The Eyebrows Cat” is widely followed on Instagram. Rescued by his owner from the streets of New York, Sam’s constant worried expression has earned him fame and a dedicated following.
  • Shironeko – Pictures of this cat often depict him sleeping with a smiling expression, which has stuck a chord with many the animal’s fans. Loved for his laid-back, happy personality and expression, Shironeko is sometimes referred to as the “zen master” for his content demeanour.

Due to the fast pace and constant growth of the internet, new kittens and smaller cats appear on the radar constantly. Teacup kittens, in particular have been consistently gaining followers due to their unusually small size. For daily doses of cuteness, make sure to check these little kitties out, and keep your eyes open for new additions!

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