Free Puppies

As the common saying goes, “Nothing in life is free.” However, quite often, this is proved wrong. One of the best things in life, that might actually be free – puppies! Put aside your disbelief for a moment, and you may actually be able to find a way to own an adorable little puppy, for free! Ways to get free puppies:

  • Talk to your friends: Chances are, either someone you know, or someone they know, owns a pet dog that has recently had a whole litter of puppies. In many cases, owners are willing to give some puppies up for adoption, at no cost.
  • Advertisement: Newspapers and classifieds sometimes run ads featuring puppies put up for free adoption, so make sure to scan through these advertisements. Alternatively, similar ads are also posted on several social media and selling platforms.
  • Animal shelters: Most animal shelters are filled to capacity, and frequently have no choice but to put down some animals. Adopting a puppy from the local shelter would not only save some animal lives, which in itself is important. Spending time at a shelter could help you understand the animals better, and therefore allow you to choose the right dog for your home.
  • Rescue: In certain cases, you could come across strays, lost animals or rescue animals. While these are more difficult cases that need to be handled with care, many organisations allow individuals to foster rescue dogs for a limited period of time, which could be a viable option.
  • Talk to a local vet: A veterinarian may be able to connect you to a family that may have a litter of puppies that they are willing to put up for adoption.

The Cost of Free Puppies

It is important to remember that while you may have adopted a puppy for free, you wold still have to invest money, time and effort into caring for the animal. Make sure you are equipped and willing to make a long-term commitment since animal care is no joke. That being said, despite the costs, you may find that your little puppy is worth it all!

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