Choosing a Cat

They say that cats are demanding animals, but they are not really. Sometimes it’s just about finding the right pairing.

No matter what type of family situation you have, Petsmart Montreal always has plenty of adorable cats or leads to find cats that are looking for a home and new forever friends. Before gettinga cat as a pet though, you need to ask yourself a few questions.

  • Do I/We have time to raise a kitten?

Cats are pretty self sufficient and independent, but just like any baby, kittens need quite a lot of attention, especially when it comes to feeding time. These poor mites get hungry quite often, so someone has to be there to feed them and look after them.

  • Are you overlyworried about carpets or furniture?

Some cats like to scratch things, it’s their way of taking care of their claws and showing you that they are comfortable in their home. But if you are overly concerned about damage to such things, then you need to do your research and observe a cat’s behaviour before taking them in. Petsmart Montreal staff will be more than happy to guide you.

  • Are you committed?

Cats live a lot longer than dogs, and while they do not require as much exercise and attention (depends on the cat!), it is a big commitment. You can of course, opt for a rescue cat, or even a senior cat who may have lost their home and lifelong buddy because they were taken into care. Get in touch with Petsmart Montreal to ask what furbabies are available.

  • Am I a cat person?

Can you put up with being woken up at 4 am for food or cuddles? Can you put up with a cat wanting to watch animal documentaries all the time? Do you enjoy the sensation of a cat purring away while they lie on you? If yes, then get one as soon as you can. They are loving and very rewarding creatures; just ask the people at Petsmart Montreal.

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